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The Chiefs are the First to Try Our New Burnt Ends and Fresh Ribs at Training Camp!

It’s tradition for Zarda to prepare a barbecue feast for the Chiefs to begin training camp. In fact, it’s the 26th year in a row that Zarda has been proud to nourish 85 Chiefs players and 75 employees.

“We go all the way back to the days of Marty Schottenheimer,” said Terry Hyer, Zarda COO.

How much of KC’s legendary barbecue does that mean? Take a look at the menu from Friday:Chiefs Feast on Zarda BBQ

  • 80 pounds of Burnt Ends
  • 50 pounds of Sliced Meats
  • 50 slabs of Ribs
  • 150 bottles of Barbecue Sauce
  • 45 pounds of Baked Beans
  • 60 pounds of Cheesy Corn

We were also happy to have former Chiefs player Neil Smith stop by to scope out the scene while our kitchen staff prepared the meal. Smith reminisced with Terry about rib eating competitions between Smith and Derek Thomas, former Chiefs player:

“It was a tradition we had – I think I even took home a trophy one time!” Smith recalled.

Since Andy Reid signed on as Head Coach, Zarda doesn’t show up just once to feed the hungry crew – but twice – before the season starts! And day two brought a special debut of new Zarda dishes: Fresh Ribs and Burnt Ends – with the Chiefs as taste testers!

Check out local footage from the event:

Fox 4: Zarda Prepares a Feast for One of the Best Days at Training Camp

KMBC 9: It Takes a lot of BBQ to Keep the Chiefs Going

Everyone at the camp was happy to see the Zarda vans pulling up – and Zarda is happy to keep delivering. Here are a few photos from prep to delivery, and even some of the Chiefs crew hanging out with Terry after the meal.