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A little while back Foodbeast, the popular online video news blog that covers all topics food and drink related, came through Kansas City in their rolling search for the “Barbecue Capital of the World.” The Beast crew visited multiple Kansas City BBQ joints during their journey – including a couple of hours spent at Zarda Bar-B-Q in Blue Springs.

Zarda’s Loyal Customer, Doc Golden

While at Zarda, Foodbeast host Reach Guinto told us that he gets to travel the world trying the best of the best for their series Taste the Details. During his visit to Zarda in Blue Springs, Reach took a back of the house tour with Zarda COO Terry Hyer while talking all things Bar-B-Q – and of course tasting a little of Zarda’s finest – including everything from Zarda’s KC Cut Ribs, to Zarda’s Ltd. Reserve Hog Wild and, of course, KC Chowtown’s #1 Voted “Best Burnt Ends”: Zarda’s Ltd. Reserve Burnt Ends.

After the backroom tour of Zarda’s hickory smoked BBQ pits, Reach sat down in the dining room and shared a table with none other than Zarda’s #1 BBQ customer, Doc Golden!

Doc has been coming to Zarda’s Blue Springs location every day now for 20+ years – enjoying the same exact meal during each visit: A slab of Zarda’s KC Cut Ribs, coleslaw, a pickle – and an iced tea to wash it all down!

After indulging in his own plate of ribs, Reach said he understood why Doc chose Zarda to supply his daily lunch, simply exclaiming, “Delicious!”

After polishing off ribs with Doc, Reach took a first bite of Zarda’s Ltd. Reserve Burnt End Baked Beans, humorously exclaiming, “I’m going to need some privacy right here,” protecting his new-found favorite from potential intruders while diving in for another heaping forkful of Burnt End Baked Beans.

Zarda COO, Terry Hyer

While in KC, Reach tasted his way not only through Zarda’s menu, but also through several other excellent local BBQ joints – and then even went on to spend an evening at the America Royal World Series of BBQ at the Kansas Speedway. After all the smoke cleared, Reach came to an irreversible verdict: Kansas City truly is the Barbecue Capital of the world!“ Any city can try to claim they are the capital of something, but Kansas City really seems to take the Barbecue Capital title very seriously,” said Reach.

Zarda’s Terry Hyer agreed, “Over time, it’s become an identity, it’s become a major part of who Kansas City is. Kansas Citians have become very proud of the ‘Barbecue Capital’ title – it’s an important part of our legacy, it’s who we are!”