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Fully loaded and full of flavor – Zarda’s soon to be world-famous Loaded Fries are a deluxe taste bud treat – and at these price, you do not want to miss out!

All November, enjoy a half order of loaded fries for just $3.29! That’s right, $1.79 off our regular price – and just 30 cents more than a side of regular fries!

But wait, what if I’m in the mood for a full order of Loaded fries, are they on special too?

We’re glad you asked, yes, they most definitely are! Would you believe our Full Order of Loaded Fries are $4.00 off – all November long?!?! Yep, a full basket of these bad boys at just $4.99!

Have you not yet tried Zarda Loaded Fries? Here’s a little preview of what you’re missing: We start with Zarda steak-cut fries, all hot and crispy. Then we add our signature cheese sauce and layer it up with our oh-so-tender pulled pork, add BBQ beans, sour cream, and jalapenos – and then (yep): crispy bacon! Is this a meal or a side? We let you decide!

You can enjoy this “Fries + BBQ + A Whole Lot More” masterpiece at either of our convenient Zarda locations – in Blue Springs or Lenexa – through November 30, 2017, with both sizes at prices you just can’t beat: Only $3.29 for a half order – or $4.99 for a full order. Stop by today, and enjoy Zarda’s “Cure for the common Fry!”

Get loaded at lunch, get loaded at dinner. Get loaded at lunch and dinner! (We won’t tell!)

Special pricing available November 1st through 30th, 2017 only.