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UPDATE: Chris is Retired!

We featured this sweet Zarda Bar-B-Q team member in our “Get to Know” series! 

Even though Chris has moved on from working at Zarda, you may remember her as the friendly and reliable face at the registers of our Blue Springs location.

Chris was a team member at Zarda for about 32 years; she was well liked and a sought-after among regular customers when they would come in. Read a bit from her earlier interview and check out the pictures from our farewell gathering below!

1. What is your role at Zarda, and how long have you been in the business?

I have been at Zarda for 32 years and a friend of mine suggested to come work with her at Zarda. I am 1 of 4 front end supervisors.

2. What’s a day in the life like for you at Zarda?

I come in and I prep for the day as well as do any cleaning that needs to be done before customers arrive. I try to make people feel welcome every time they walk into our restaurant.

3. What part of your job at Zarda do you enjoy the most?

I really enjoy meeting all of the new people that come in to try Zarda from all over the country.

4. What is your personal favorite thing on the Zarda menu, and what makes it so good?

My favorite thing on the menu are definitely the ribs, and what makes them so good is their flavor!

5. Tell us a little bit about your family and what you like to do outside of work?

I have 2 grown kids and 3 granddaughters as well as 3 great-grandchildren. I enjoy fishing and going on picnics with my family.

Zarda’s Award-Winning Burnt Ends are Chris’ favorite menu item.

6. What is the one thing on the menu that every visitor to Zarda needs to try?

Everyone needs to try the Limited Reserve Burnt Ends! They’re so good!

7. What are your favorite memories of working at Zarda?

My favorite memories involve working with a great bunch of people!

8. What accomplishment are you most proud of during your time at Zarda?

I’m just really proud of the fact that I have worked my way up the ladder and keeping the ol’ Zarda way in my time at Zarda!

9. What separates Zarda BBQ from other KC BBQ places?

What separates Zarda from all the other barbecue places is our staff and friendly service. We’ve very family friendly.

10. If you could create one menu item for Zarda what would it be – describe it to us!

If I could create one menu item, it would be a chicken sandwich. Well, everybody else has a chicken sandwich, why not us!

We appreciate Chris and everything she has done for the Zarda team! Stay tuned as we feature more Zarda team members in the future!

While we miss Chris greatly at our Blue Springs location, we wish her nothing but the best. Here are a few of the photos we took at her retirement party!