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Get Loaded (Fries) for Less!

Zarda’s mouthwatering Loaded Fries Special continues all month long! In fact, we love this deal so much, we’re dropping the price of getting loaded clear through Tuesday, March 6! With deals this low, you’ll want another order to go!

Zarda’s Loaded Fries Specials:

Full Size, just $6.99!

(Yep, 2 bucks off, and it’s love at first bite!)

 Half Order, just $3.99!

(A buck off our regular price!)

So just what are Loaded Fries? Prepare your taste buds for liftoff! First up, our fresh, steak-cut fries – hot and crispy-fried to golden perfection. Next, a hearty drizzle of our delicious signature cheese sauce. Bring on the loaded part as we pile it up high with Zarda’s oh-so-tender pulled pork, our trademark BBQ beans, sour cream, and jalapeños. And on top: Bacon! (You didn’t think we’d leave out our crispy bacon did you? We know you love bacon!)

Get loaded at lunch. Get loaded at dinner. Heck, get loaded at lunch and dinner! (We promise, we won’t tell!) Visit Zarda in either Lenexa or Blue Springs to enjoy both Loaded Fries deals! Don’t miss this loaded-masterpiece of a deal – only at Kansas City’s home of Legendary Bar-B-Q for over 40 years: Zarda!

Offer valid through Mar. 6, 2018 at both Kansas City Zarda Bar-B-Q locations. May not be combined with other offers, deals or discounts.