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Attention all Zarda and BBQ lovers, hold on to your taste buds!

Zarda is introducing a brand new dish that is LOADED with flavor and makes getting loaded take on a whole new meaning!

Allow us to introduce Zarda’s Loaded Fries. First, we start with Zarda’s steak cut fries, all hot and crispy to golden perfection. Followed by a hearty drizzle of our delicious signature cheese sauce. Then comes the loaded part as we layer it up with our tender pulled pork, BBQ beans, sour cream, and jalapenos. Oh yeah, and crispy bacon. We know you can’t resist bacon!

Starting today, you can enjoy this loaded BBQ masterpiece at either of our convenient Zarda locations – in Blue Springs or Overland Park. At a price you can’t beat, It’s only $8.99 for a full order or $4.99 for a half order. You’re sure to love our new take on fries, and we know it’ll soon become a Zarda favorite! So come in today and try Zarda’s Loaded Fries and get loaded at lunch. Get loaded at dinner. Get loaded every day. We won’t tell!