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Why wait in line to order Kansas City’s Best BBQ? Online Ordering is as easy as 1-2-3!

Ordering Zarda BBQ just got a whole lot easier! We’ve launched a convenient new way to order Kansas City’s Best BBQ straight from your computer or smartphone! When you order online, your Zarda favorites will be ready and waiting at your favorite location – just follow these 3 easy steps!

  1. Click to choose your preferred pickup location (Blue Springs or Lenexa), and select the time you’d like to pick-up your ready-to-eat meal. (Choose “ASAP” – usually about 30 min – and you’ll have just the right amount of time to come and pick up your order!)
  2. Select your favorite Zarda menu items and then enter your name, email address and payment information. (We accept credit and debit cards)
  3. Drive to the Zarda location you selected, come on inside, and your meal will be hot, ready and waiting at the counter!


Zarda Online Ordering Pro Tips:

  • Skip the line when you order online – look for the sign by the counter when you come in and walk over to that end of the counter to pick up your order (try to ignore the stares of envious customers wishing that they had thought ahead and also ordered online!)

  • When you place your order, you’ll see the option to “Drop Upon Arrival.” This means we won’t fry your fried items until you get here – so items like French fries will be as hot and fresh as possible. If you’re in a hurry and want your entire order complete and ready to “grab and dash” choose the option to “Make ASAP” (you’ll want to be right on time to pick up your order so that your fried items are hot and crispy). Your choice!
  • Due to limited daily supplies of our popular Ltd. Reserve Burnt Ends – you won’t be able to order them by the pound online, but you can call the store and add them to your order if they’re available – then just pay for them when you get here to pick up your order. (The Ltd. Reserve Burnt End Sandwich, Ltd. Reserve Burnt End Plate and the Pitmaster Plate – which includes Ltd. Reserve Burnt Ends – are all available online!)
  • For larger, catering orders, please call the store directly – we want to get everything just the way you like it!
  • Soft drinks ordered online will be in a drink carrier to keep from spilling and ready with your meal. (Alcohol is not available for online order.)
  • If you ordered a salad with the Low-carb Special, you will be able to make it yourself at the salad bar when you come inside to pick up your meal.
  • Please don’t pull through the Drive Through lane for your order – skip the drive through line and come straight inside, your order will be waiting!

Hungry for Zarda Bar-B-Q? What are you waiting for? Order lunch for the office with ease, or order dinner to pick up on your way home.

Any time is a great time to order Zarda BBQ online!