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Stores struggle to stay stocked

KANSAS CITY, Mo. —The Royals came into Tuesday night’s game riding a hot streak and a bottle of barbecue sauce has been along for the ride.


“(Jeremy) Guthrie is looking at the bottle and Billy’s foundation is called Hit-it-a-Ton,” said Terry Hyer of Zarda’s BBQ. “Guthrie says we need to be doing that, hitting it a ton.”

Soon, teammates were handing out bottles of the sauce to each other for big hits and runs scored.

“Right now, they are riding it. It’s called the rally sauce,” Hyer said.

Butler, the Royals’ designated hitter, lent his name to the sauce to help Kansas City’s Bishop Sullivan Center feed the less fortunate. Royals fans have been rushing to stores to pick up a bottle for themselves.

Marcie McCauslin, the manager of store operations for Hy-Vee, said it’s hard to keep it in stock.

“Sunday, I went to the shelf to check on it and it was totally empty. We had to get an urgent phone call in,” she said.

“They were ordering 50 cases at a time,” Hyer said. “We had our trucks out running hot shots to resupply.”