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Some of the best of Kansas City’s very own Chiefs players have earned a spot in the 2017 Pro Bowl!

Airing this Sunday evening, don’t forget that nothing goes better with football than Zarda’s legendary, hickory smoked bar-b-que! Especailly our soon-to-be world famous Ltd. Reserve Burnt Ends that were some of the players’ favorite eats at training camp this past August!


This is the second year in a row that Andy Reid will coach the AFC in the NFL all-star game. And, for god measure, he’ll be bringing along cornerback Marcus Peters, tight end Travis Kelce, return specialist Tyreek Hill, quarterback Alex Smith, punter Dustin Colquitt, and inside linebacker DJ Alexander. Be a true Kansas City fan and “Eat like a Chief” while you watch some of the KC’s gridiron stars play their last game of the season this Sunday!

With so many great options to choose from, here’s a Top Pick list from Zarda that’s sure to keep your own All Star squad sated and ready to rock your personal Chiefs kingdom (stay at home version!): For sure load up with the Chiefs training camp favorite, the Ltd. Reserve Burnt End sandwich. If you’re feeding a serious crowd, go long with a Ltd. Reserve Burnt Ends Meat Platter that includes beef, ham, sausage, ribs and four sides! Needs a little more to be fully fueled? Try our new Litd. Reserve Burnt End Beans (also a traniing camp hero!), or our seasonal (and sensational) Corn Bread Bowls!

No matter your final selections, just stop by either our Blue Springs or Lenexa location and pick up the only Chiefs Training Camp tested-and-approved BBQ – from legendary Zarda Bar-B-Q!