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With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, your to-do list probably includes the following:

  1.   Try to decide on a stuffy, over-priced restaurant to go to
  2. Try to make reservations – but the only times available are 4pm or 9pm
  3. Try to find something nice to wear that you’ll overpay for only to realize the department store mirror was wayyy too forgiving at the last minute
  4. Try to find a place that still has roses because you forgot to order them and end up with a fake rose covered in glitter from the nearby gas station
  5.  Try to pick out a piece of jewelry that you have no idea whether she’ll like OR if it’s even real gold

At some point during this process you’re certain to become frustrated and mutter something along the lines of “Oh, for the love!!”


You could be smart and choose something that every Kansas Citian loves: barbecue. Here is your updated to-do list:

  1.      . Pick a Zarda location to dine at – Blue Springs or Lenexa
  2. Skip the reservation hassle and come when you’re ready to eat!
  3. Come as you are – wear comfortable clothes you already own!
  4. Order from your favorites, like the Pitmaster – with juicy Pulled Pork, Limited Reserve Burnt Ends and Ribs; or a Limited Reserve Turkey Crunch sandwich with bacon, provolone and chipotle mayo or maybe you’re craving our February special: our Sausage sandwich and Limited Reserve Burnt End Beans. Whatever your heart desires!
  5. Order those roses and bring them with you to the restaurant – we don’t mind! Or put your origami skills into action with one of our napkins or flyers
  6. Skip the jewelry and treat her to dessert!

Now that’s what we call a stress-free Valentine’s where you get to enjoy something you both love – Zarda Bar-B-Q (and each other, of course!) And now you’ve changed your tune to: “Oh, for the love – of ‘Q!” Stop in to either Zarda location this Valentine’s Day – we’re sure you won’t regret it!